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Acoustic Blue Testimonials


Tuscany Ristorante, Carlsbad CA, 5/27/2011

We been booking music at Tuscany bar 5 nights a week for 15 years. Acoustic Blue was absolutely amazing, the best band we ever had or could even dream of having. We are the talk of the town because of them. We have been getting many calls now asking when they will be comming back to Tuscany! My boss said we need a Liquid Blue Hotline now! What a show! Absolutely has done wonders for our business! There was no detail that was not thought of. They even ran a speaker into our dining room to have the absolute best sound possible which was never done before, creating a concert for our dining room patrons that overflowed into our main bar making it one of the best nights in our history! Sincerely Howie Steven Ovedia


Grabbers – Great Guana Cay, Bahamas, 5/19/2011

“I just wanted offer commend you all again for the awesome show you folks put on the other night. It was refreshing to work with such professional, passionate artists, your love for performing bred an infectious enthusiasm in our guests. Guana is a great little island but rarely do the locals get up an dance and really enjoy themselves, you provided an experience for them that will not soon be forgotten, and for that I thank you. Please do not hesitate to call if you are ever in the area again, we would be honored to host your group anytime. Tony Cortez, Manager


The Highlands Taproom – Louisville, KY 8/1/2010

"Hey , this is Tommy from the Highlands tap room, we just wanted to thank the band for playing. They were great and would love to have them back , if they come through Louisville again."


Arnolds Bar and Grille – Cincinnati, OH 8/2/2010

"What a great band. Not only did they sound awesome, but they were very professional, super nice and held customers at my bar. They get 5 stars, two thumbs up or whatever the highest rating is. Thanks guys, you are always welcome back to Arnold's any time you are passing through Cincinnati."


Hennessey's Tavern – Carlsbad, CA 8/17/2010

”Oh, I loved the music. Especially the requests I made and the originals. Nikki is some kind of incredible singer with amazing range, and I liked your backup harmony.” John Bryant, Media and Freelance Photographer


Davina's Cabo Grill - Oceanside, CA 9/2/2010

"Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Theses guys were AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, BTW, Nikki's HOT!!!!! Thanks for ripping it up once again!!!" Scott Clayton, On Point Promotions


Dry Creek Mercantile - Boise, ID, 8/26/2010

"I just wanted to pass on that it was a real treat and pleasure to have you guys perform at the Mercantile. The buzz is still going around about how talented you guys are and what a great evening it was. We would LOVE to have you guys and gals back in the future it that is at all possible." Joan Peterson, Owner Dry Creek Mercantile