Acoustic Blue - Featuring Members of Liquid Blue

Acoustic Blue, an acoustic duo/trio /quartet, performs in San Diego, California and throughout the world. This acoustic band features members of Liquid Blue (www.Liquid-Blue.com) who have played in over 100 countries. The same band members also perform as "Shades of Blue" with a fuller "electric" sound featuring electric guitar.

Acoustic Music

Acoustic Blue performs a wide variety of classic and modern hits, all done acoustically. The acoustic duo/trio takes requests and can perform almost any song from their Liquid Blue playlist of over 600 tunes. They've chosen over 200 of the ones that are most suited for an acoustic performance.


Acoustic Entertainment Worldwide

AB performs locally in-between Liquid Blue shows, often mid-week. When Liquid Blue is on tour, Acoustic Blue often continues performing for a few weeks after the Liquid Blue tour concludes. To date, the duo has performed in 21 countries.


Unplugged Music Events

Acoustic Blue performs at clubs, festivals and private events. The duo is often hired to open up for Liquid Blue at special events.


Special Guests

Various members of Liquid Blue have been known to show up at Acoustic Blue shows and perform on stage. Although there is no guarantee, often members of "The BlueGirls" show up to sing a few songs.


Liquid Blue

San Diego based Liquid Blue is an international recording and touring act as well as one of Southern California's top cover bands for the past decade. The group has performed in a record-setting 100 countries and won numerous awards (see www.LiquidBlueBand.com).


Nikki Green of Liquid Blue Michael Vangerov Scott Stephens
Nikki  Grovler Scott


Nikki and Grovler


Scott and Grovler